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Why Opt for Supply Chain Finance?

  • It strengthens your relationships with suppliers, as by enrolling into SCF programme you give them an option to get paid early.
  • Remove the burden of invoice management from your accounts payable team – we will do it for you!

How it Works for Corporates…

1. Suppliers

Your suppliers submit invoices to you and opt into to early repayment (less a small fee)

2. Corporates

You approve invoices and upload them to Capable for early repayment.

3. Capable

Capable pays your suppliers early and awaits payment from you, supported by the fees charged. You pay Capable on the original 30, 60 or 90 day payment terms.

Our aim is to provide a truly customised financing product that solves your unique working capital needs.

1. We analyse your business

1. We analyse your business

Together we determine your most impactful suppliers and form your working capital goals to ensure the best outcome of the SCF programme for YOU.

2. Fast onboarding

2. Fast onboarding

Our superior systems and dedicated customer service team allow onboarding for you and your suppliers in a matter of a day.

3. Easy implementation

3. Easy implementation

Upload your invoices within a click of a button and save costs and time on your invoice management - we will do it for you.

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